Moped Depot was founded in Georgia in 2017 with the mission to popularize mopeds and significantly increase its share as a very popular means of transportation.

We believe our business plays crucial role in decreasing the air pollution and making transportation more comfortable for both locals and tourists
We are on our way to creating the full ecosystem of services that includes, but is not limited to:
  • Multi brand moped shop network throughout Georgia and its neighboring countries 
  • Moped rental network
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Service centers
In order to better meet the local standards, demand and other country-based needs, we have carefully chosen our partner brands and offer our costumers the highest quality brand-new mopeds and its accessories at affordable prices.
We further enhance the customer experience by offering additional products and services like installments & leasing which are managed by our best in class partners.
We exclusively represent in Georgia are world known Taiwan based SYM, which is distinguished by its quality and reliability, nowadays Sym is well-known and very popular brand for Georgian costumers.
We will further diversify our brand portfolio and promise a lot of new initiatives to our customers.